Gameday Attire


Happy October 1st! This isn’t really a fall post, but with football being in full gear and baseball kicking off play off season, I was trying to strategically plan outfits for the many sporting events in my future and I thought I would share. I am not a huge team fanatic, so I am not one to sport a jersey or team tee-shirt. I wanted to give some tips on how to dress for the occasion for my gals that are not die hard and not a huge fan of team apparel.  Here are some tips below.


Tip 1:
Stock up on  some basic items in your team’s colors (or a neutral color if you don’t have a team).


Camo is kind of a neutral color to me at this point (lol) and is my go to when I don’t have a team I am supporting!  I also love stripes since Bry is a huge Yankees fan.  I also have a lineup of plain vnecks ready to go for sporting events!  Graphic tees are also my jam. I wore one to a South Carolina Game with some southern flair  in the first photo in this post. You can shop some of my favorites by clicking the links below.

Camo Top/Solid T-shirt/ Solid Long Sleeve/Graphic Tee


Tip 2:
Comfy and sporty kicks are key!


I love the look of a classic white tennis shoe, especially in the summer and fall months! I also am obsessed with my all black Under Armour shoes linked below. You can’t go wrong with a neutral classic.

White Sneakers/ Ked Style Sneakers/ Under Armour Sneakers


Tip 2:


I am a huge fan of accessories when it comes to adding that touch of team spirit or just to add a cute, sporty look! I linked my Yankee hat below because let’s be honest I get lucky that Bry’s a Yankee fan because it is one of the cuter hats in sports. I also linked an Under Armour baseball cap below and a pom pom beanie to get you through the colder months!

Yankee Hat/ Under Armour baseball cap/ Under Armour Pom Pom Beanie


Hope you enjoyed this post! What is your go-to sports attire?




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